About Us

CKY INTERIOR SDN. BHD. offers turnkey solutions and professional consultancy services in interior design, space planning, 3D visualization, contract administration, supervision and project management.

CKY INTERIOR SDN. BHD. was formed in 2004 with a vision expose you to an aesthetic visual creation and achieving professional results which are practical, functional, economic and aesthetic. In achieving this criteria the company has grown to meet the increasing demand.

Through careful planning and close attention to detail, CKY INTERIOR SDN.BHD. originates exciting design solutions which reflect our clients corporate personality. In this respect, out teams work as creative problem solvers, always striving for the best results within the parameters of the project.

CKY INTERIOR SDN. BHD. will undertake projects of any size including co-ordination of the different parties, professional consultants, local authorities, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers. The process of creating effective commercially viable design solutions involves detailed planning, a disciplined monitoring and responsible approach to perfect management, the systematic application of professional skills, controlled and creativity, effective and co-operative teamwork and real understanding of the clients need. Above all, the personal enthusiasm, commitment and involvement of all the project team.

Board of Directors

Ricky Chew
Position: Business Development Director
Date of birth: 26th June 1965
Qualification: Diploma in interior design (M.I.T.D)
Certificate in architecture draughtsmanship
(institude teknik Jasa)
On completion of his studies at MITD, Mr. Ricky joined Monica & Co as interior designer cum site supervisor.
In 1991, He joined Matsuoka Project consultant ( A consultant firm to HAZAMA GUMI), a Japanese firm where he learned the finer details of construction and was exposed to Japanese construction Later
In 1992, He set up Innowise sdn bhd, as shareholder and marketing Director, where he handles the marketing aspect of the company
Mr. Ricky has been in the private consultancy long enough to be well equipped with the competitive professional knowledge especially in up market interior design. Through active participation over the years, he rapidly gathered experience and contacts. His participation in projects ranges from the inception of projects, assisting clients in assembling a team of suitable consultants, derive and develop project briefs, design, supervise and manage to the handling over of completed projects to clients in good order.
In year 2007, Mr. Ricky joined MSID (Malaysia society of Interior Design) as corporate member and subsequently he also obtain corporate membership from LAM (Lembaga Architect Malaysia)
Position: Project Director
Date of Birth: 19th April 1974
Qualification: Diploma in Interior Design (P.I.A)
With a diploma in Interior Design, Mr.Chan commenced work as designer at Home Dec. for a year and half. Under the tutelage to Mr.Ho, he learned the intricacies of interior design and contracting work.
With the vast exposure and experience he had gained Mr. Chan moved on bigger projects and companies such as Mega Furniture & Interior decorator, Innowise sdn.bhd.
In 2000, he set up CKY Interior Solution as one its shareholder / director. Mr.Chan’s portfolio is wide and varied. His expertise is in the administration and finance of the company, which includes :-
a. Preliminaries projects budjeting
b. Liaison with authorities for necessary approval
c. Project management and general contract administration
Calvin Chan